Find a Way to Put the Pieces Back Together | Binghamton, NYWe Assist With Family Law Matters

Find a Way to Put the Pieces Back Together | Binghamton, NY

We Assist With Family Law Matters

Divorce Attorney, Separation Agreement, Child Custody Law

Are you about to file for divorce? Do you want more time to see your children? Gorman Law offers assistance for family matters. Our dedicated attorney will fight for you through thick and thin. Turn to Gorman Law for help with:

  • Child custody
  • Visitation
  • Adoption
  • Uncontested divorce
  • Child neglect

Gorman Law represents children in juvenile delinquent cases in Binghamton as well. Call our family lawyer today to get help for your tough situation.

What to look for in a qualified family lawyer

When you’re searching for a family law attorney, there are some important things to keep in mind. You want an attorney who will:

  • Do their best to keep you from going to court
  • Offer creative solutions to your specific family situation
  • Focus on the wellbeing of your family

Veronica Gorman of Gorman Law keeps these things in mind with every case she takes on. Whether you need help with your divorce or your child custody battle in Binghamton, NY, call Gorman Law. Schedule a time for a consultation today by calling 607-323-7003.